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War: A Survivors Lament

Parachuting Soldiers  Descending - Airborne Museum. Faytetteville, North Carolina

Parachuting Soldiers Descending – Airborne Museum. Fayetteville, North Carolina

War: A Survivors Lament

by Charin Davenport

Shoulder to shoulder
the shadows of soldiers
line hero’s hill,
while the burdens and veils
of faint scented desires
cling to the bones
of bent-over lovers
whose tears wash the banks
of glass-watered streams
that smooth the rough stones
and cradle to sleep mysteriously
marked fish sleeping tangled
in roots and branches
blankets of long fallen leaves.

It is here, survivors lament, where
the sorrowful salt from their tears
is captured and swallowed
whole and forgotten; where dreams
descend like a tongue from a mountain
and slip into the mouth of an ocean
where nothing is ever remembered,
forgiven, reborn.

And that is my prayer:
That these tears be lost
forever, along with the reasonless
compass of fools
whose unforgivable navigations
guide young soldiers
away from their lovers and loves
and to shores from which only
their shadows seem to return.


One comment on “War: A Survivors Lament

  1. Caitlyn Laufey
    May 25, 2015

    Beautiful and meaningful Char. thank you this shows and honor and wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

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