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On Birth and Being Born: An Unfinished Fable of Visibility and the Heart

So, this bird lays three eggs in a nest – doesn’t matter what kind of bird it is, but the nest is high up in a tree in the woods leaning over the eddying pools of an inlet off the most northern tip of a giant blue lake. The bird and her male partner spend their days and nights protecting the eggs, repairing the nest when needed, and eating so they can recapture the energy they used to migrate to the nesting ground.

 Eventually, from one egg comes a tapping sound and after a few hours, a small hole appears. Then the second egg and the third egg — the same thing.

 By the day’s end, three small creatures that look nothing like their parents have fully emerged and they are hungry. There is no memory of their lives inside the eggs, and the parents discard the remnants of the shells. They take turns flying out to find food while the other remains in the nest to keep the small birds warm.

 The nest becomes crowded as the birds grow and begin to look more and more like their parents. The day arrives when the nest can no longer hold them all. The parents are unable to provide enough food and everyone is faced with a decision: the young birds must leave if they and the parents are going to survive. It is time for the young birds to learn to fly and join the rest of the flock to fly south where they will find their mates and be warm throughout the winter.

Beyond all logic and with almost certain death as the consequence for failure, first one bird jumps and then the second and to their own astonishment, they fly. Within a second or two, they have forgotten what their lives were like in the nest.

But, the third bird hesitates.

 The voices of the two sibling birds are already indistinguishable in the chorus of the flock, and they have become invisible. It is a matter of survival and it is the most important rule of the flock.

Still, the third bird has hesitated and the parents don’t know why.

 The siblings and the rest of the flock see no need for such a bird and their song of unity and purpose echoes out like one voice and taunts the young bird who has never flown.

 And then, the one remaining bird begins to sing . . .

. . . and everything . . .

  . . . changes.

Click Here for the Song


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