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Transgender rights: Planet Fitness incident overblown?

Transgender Rights discussed in the Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette


If only she hadn’t complained. If only Yvette Cormier had simply shrugged when she saw a transgender person in the locker room at a Planet Fitness Club in Michigan and chalked it up to the changing times. If only she had been tolerant.

After all, Carlotta Sklodowska, the transgender person, wasn’t breaking any rules. Apparently, as a guest at the facility, she had asked which locker room she should use, and was told to use the one that matched her gender presentation — which was the women’s room. And all she did was hang up her coat and purse, according to reports.

But Yvette Cormier complained to management and other clients about Carlotta Sklodowska “looking like a man,” to the point that Planet Fitness barred Yvette from returning.

Now, there is a media firestorm about the issue, with conservative organizations in the United States siding…

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